Nicola Genovese
I was shaking and it was fine
14. April - 13. Mai 2018

The solo show at Kunstraum Aarau consists of a series of works that deal with the topic of masculinity. Precisely it‘s an installation that is activated through a performance, different times during the exhibition that question the socalled crisis of masculinity. I refer to the crisis as an engine used to enhance and to reposition male dominance system through acceptance of a certain degree of fragility.

I used 
a constellation of materials (wood, iron, fabrics, ceramic, concrete, latex) and body fragment shapes in order to develop a narration about power relationship, ambivalence, hybridism and unstableness. would inscribe these works within the feminist sculpture tradition i.e. Louse Bourgeois, Eva Hesse and Carol Rama. In occasion of the show, I printed a limited edition artist book.

Installationsansichten I was shaking and it was fine 2018