Arpita Akhanda
শরীর | Körper
The memory collector
18. September - 26. September 2021

Body is home 2021

Arpita Akhanda’s practice emerges from the idea of looking at the body as a memory collector. She is interested in exploring lived memories, passed on memories and created memories.

The exhibition শরীর | Körper : The memory collector, shows her works done during the four months residency at Gästeatelier Krone.

The exhibition is divided into two sections, 240 hours and more…

240 hours– a series of photo-performance, photographs and texts. During the 10 days of quarantine she looks at her body as a living object surrounded by the objects that constituted the character of the house. Spending 240 hours inside her studio apartment in an unknown city/country she generated a relationship with the city through the sounds from the windows and the skylight.

Installationview 240 hours 2021

Installationview The living scar 2021